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$9.99 Per Month

Custom Youth Workout Schedules

Research has shown that children have critical periods - ages by which if an aspect of athleticism is not developed, the ability to achieve peak performance is lost forever. Critical periods for some components of athleticism begin as early as age seven!


SuperKids is no ordinary training program. With SuperKids Athletics your 5-14 year old ​can...


  • Get daily Personalized Speed Workouts, including Explosion, Agility/Coordination, Reaction, Balance and Flexibility drills.
  • Get daily Personalized Weight Training Workouts, including Olympic Lifting, Body Weight exercises and Core Strength routines. (Weight lifting can be done with light bars such as PVC pipes &Wooden dowels)
  • Get daily Personalized Sports Skills assignments, scientifically cycled into each workout.                                                                                                                                     
Take the guess work out of training and enroll in Superkids Club today!